Our goal and continuous mission is to promote an appreciation for reading among our youth in schools and communities bringing about a reading epidemic throughout the nation in which you may become involved include: volunteer your time by serving as readers; making monetary donation individually or as a business or civic organization. Also there are junctures that allow corporate sponsorships through our “Adopt A School” program or as a financial supporter with “I’ve Got A Job Book Drive”, “Trailblazers’ Book Club”, and “Trailblazing Reading Boot Camp”.
Help us reach our goal by first making a commitment to our initiative for promoting reading literacy nationwide by becoming a sponsor. Review all the options by accessing our sponsorship link below and explore how you can be a part of this initiative and start a ripple of change in your community. Please complete the form connected to this link and click on all the option of interest. A representative from PDL Educational Consulting & Technology will respond to your request. Thank you for your desire to make a huge impact within our nation to promote reading literacy.