PDL Promotes Reading Literacy In Association With...
Tommy Ford's I've Got A Job Literacy Program

PDL Educational Consulting & Technology is honored and excited to partner with Tommy Ford and his initiative to travel nationwide soliciting the help of men from all walks of life to join him in becoming a trendsetter for promoting reading. In conjunction with Mr. Ford, PDL Educational Consulting & Technology is also reaching out to men through our established Men of Vision Mentoring Program. Men of Vision was created to serve young male students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged as well as needing guidance to establish and achieve their lifelong aspirations. There is a strong emphasis on teaching them to respect themselves and others. Those who become active members will gain knowledge from “youth talks”, community outreach projects, and educational and social field trips.

We believe that men are trendsetters. Tommy Ford says it quite well. He says, “More often in our community men dictate to youth: style, fashion, habits, and behaviors that young people embrace then duplicate. Whether those behaviors are positive or negative, they affect our communities. Male athletes, rappers, singers, entertainers and preachers feed our children messages that mold their attitude and perception of themselves and others.”