Professional Development

Improve your school with data analysis from PDL Educational Consulting & Technology, Inc., of Fort Worth, Texas. Our programs are designed to bring success to your teachers, staff, and students.

100% Culturally Motivated
This program refines leadership to drive high expectations that create a culture where 100% success is the norm. Our proven methods motivate and empower administrators, teachers, and students by transforming low-performing schools using a one, two, or three day session.

Project Turnaround
Develop and implement sustained momentum with our custom program, driven by an extensive needs assessment. A comprehensive plan designed to promote long-term success, professional development, and the best practices is established. We see this program to fruition. Our data collection includes: state assessments; advanced placement; SAT results; graduation rates; attendance and disciplinary reports; focus group surveys for stakeholders.

Empowerment Through Data-Analysis
We conduct custom data analysis to identify strategic areas of concern. An in depth report will be prepared and delivered in one, two, or three day presentation.

Academic Database Management
As of Fall of 2018, we will ensure your students receive the education they deserve by assisting your institution with real benefits and savings. Our program is easy to use, employs real-time data, and interventions. This cutting-edge technology resolves critical issues related t increasing attendance rates, lowering student truancy, and increasing ADA funding.