PDL Educational Consulting & Technology along with Tommy Ford presents…

HEALING THROUGH THE ARTS is a program designed to deliver tangible keys to healthy living and conflict resolution through acting and performing arts techniques, exercises and formats. We know that many people, especially youth mirror images of those they perceive are cool. Often the role models that influence our actions, trends and behaviors are actors, singers, rappers, and other entertainers.

Our philosophy is to educate through entertainment. Our techniques are designed to guide participants to take a look inside and find their true selves in order to take steps toward becoming as talented as their favorite entertainer. We disguise this difficult journey as an acting workshop. Participants are more willing to open up when they believe that they are learning how to become great actors, with no clue that they are really on a journey to becoming better individuals!

Our HEALING THROUGH THE ARTS BOOT CAMPS are facilitated by award winning actor and director Tommy Ford. Although Tommy has appeared in more than 300 episodes of television, two dozen films, and over 100 stage performances, he has also been trained as a human relations specialist through the NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMMUNITY AND JUSTICE, a non-profit organization committed to breaking barriers of communication and injustice.
Mr. Ford has adjusted techniques 
learned from his human relations background and formulated an 
acting curriculum that has changed 
the lives of artists nationwide. Each
acting workshop that Mr. Ford 
instructs, he makes a courageous 

I can’t promise you that after this 
acting workshop that you will win an Academy Award, Emmy, or Tony
Award. However, I do guarantee 
that the actor that walked “IN” that
door will not be the same artist that 
walks “OUT” of that door! If this 
process has not changed your 
life…I will refund your money!”

a powerful tool that can help affect CHANGE! This amazing program is 
ideal to train acting students, staff and administrator development, at-risk 
students, mentor-ships, and a host of