About Us 

With years of experience in challenging, urban school settings, we are educators with a passion to empower others to achieve remarkable results. We have gained success by building leadership capacity in students and staff. Our instructional framework moved a low-performing school from traditional practices to a research-based model that has led to continuous growth.

 Purpose-Driven Learning 

Students and staff are capable of remarkable results, and we believe developing leadership capacity is the key. Success requires commitment and collaboration with limited instructional time. Basing instructional decisions on data and powerful feedback provides the best results. Student SUCCESS IS significantly impacted by a positive school culture and effective instructional strategies, including:

• Student-Centered Environment 
• Culture of Excellence and High Expectations
• Rigorous Curriculum 
• Instruction That Promotes Student Engagement 
• Assessment with a Purpose
• Data-Driven Decisions
• Technology Application That Promotes Learning
• Professional Development 
• Development of Leadership Capacity
• Positive Partnerships Contact us if your school or business needs one of the many services we offer.